Sound Studio

For my recordings, I use well-trimmed components to get the best sound quality.

My current everyday-mic is the fabulous Neumann U 87 Ai, which records an almost perfect balance of my voice’s spectrum. I replaced my TLM103 with a Neumann TLM 127 which sounds more balanced in deep regions with my voice. Neumann TLM 193 I fell in love with it years ago when working in radio stations like SFB. The TLM 193 has a wonderful linear spectrum. The Neumann KM 184 is my favourite microphone for subtle projects, since it has an enormous quick and precise reaction and it displays the whole spectrum of my voice. Therefore I use it for audiobooks and purposes where a voice should sound pure and crystal clear.

  • Speaker’s booth Soundblocker B
  • Prozessor/Converter Fireface UCX, Firaface 400
  • Loudspeaker Klein + Hummel 098
  • Soundeditor WaveLab 7.2.1