Your text is sacred to me. Making it sound convincing is my job. In case the effect turns out different to your expectations, you have several options I would like to explain. In any event, I see myself basically responsible until you are fully satisfied.

Text Changes

In case you are not yet, or no longer convinced of your text, I am happy to share my experience. Small changes will be delivered  quickly and conveniently in aligned quality. Mistakes in your script, little slip-ups or redundancies will be corrected automatically.

The second version

However, if you decide that the spoken version needs fundamental changes, then use my offer of the second version: For a complete new production I charge you only half of the fee. In this case, the new commission should be done no later than two weeks after the initial production.

No Problem

In my experience, the process tends to go smoothly: In addition to detailed briefing and instructions , you can always take part in the production – live, via Skype or telephone, ISDN, APT-X or Sessionlink Pro. However, as a professional speaker since 1996, there’s a good chance I find the right tone for your script at once.